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Draginja slowly rises to her feet, holding her head. She hadn't been impressed with the game so far, but this was a new twist. "You guys sure are fond of knocking us out. I'm getting tired of DARKNESS." She looks around, noticing all the others, looking for the Pokemon. Someone said something. "Couldn't that mean they can't let us out too? We're probably corrupted by the virus."

Draginja cracks her neck, feeling a little better. "Of course they can't let us out. We're in digital quarantine. If we're infected with a virus, everywhere we go we run the risk of spreading it. Imagine if we got into the company's business files. Boom, corrupted. Entire company gone, and us with it. I suddenly feel really bad about this." She looks for a chair to sit down in, seeing one on the other side of the room. She opts to just sit down on the floor, practically collapsing. "We're all gonna die, aren't we?" No emotion in her voice, she blankly looks at the floor.
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