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In a sudden weave of events and excitement, I found myself blacking out, the last I saw was a circulation of pixels, and then, nothing. It is an interesting thing, to notice yourself black out, and the moment upon which you awaken. It is often similar to waking up and going to sleep, except when waking up from a black out, there is usually a headache involved, which was the case here.

I sat up, and found myself floating in a metaphorical river of nostalgia. I know this place. I was 'here' countless times before, where I would pick a friend, and we would go on many journeys together. I was here before, and in many other places similar as well. Always, there would be the man in the white coat to give me my Pokemon. The most famous of which was the man in front of me. It was all so similar, as was he. He wore a white lab coat, underneath of which was a purple casual collared shirt, tucked into a brown belt. Yes, without a doubt, this was the man known as Oak, the Pokemon Professor himself.

And then who were the others? Were they here in the same situation as myself? Who was I then? I knew who I was. Here, I was Hunter, and these must be people in the same boat. I stood up now to see them discusses the situation. Indeed, they were all here similarly to the reason I was: to try out a game. Of which, something has gone wrong, and from the sound of it, very wrong.

So here I stood, my true personality emerging as the silent watcher, always wary, but never in the center, as I observed talk of us being corrupted, of us unable to escape. It looks like we were going to play the game once more, this time from a very different perspective. But now I ask myself something I am wondering for a while in the back of my mind.

What happens if we lose?
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