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Hey guys. I'm new to these forums, I just thought I share an app I recently made for Android (only for 2.1 or higher devices).

It's called Pill or Pokemon. You're presented with either the name of a pill or a Pokemon, and you have to guess which it is.

The free version should give you a good idea of the game. I just released an update that adds more questions to the free zone (though it may not be available yet).
Let me know if you think the free version is too restricted.

Here's a link to the free version, with more screenshots and a description:

Here's the paid edition (it's 99 cents).

You can find either version on the Android Market by searching for "Pill or Pokemon".

I've got some new features planned, but I'm pretty busy at my University.
I plan to build a ranking system (e.g. noob, intermediate, pokemon master).
Also, the zone's need an update to make them more sequention (zone 1 = easy, zone 4 = super hard).

Feedback? Thanks. (Also, screenshots attached)
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