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I had never noticed that the cover Pokemon for the 5th Gen was opposite of the color that the title depicted. Hm... makes me feel dumb. Lol. However, the fact that the game was based on opposites was quite easy to pick up on. I am currently playing through on my White cartridge (after having beaten the game in Black), and I've picked up through some dialogue that there is no clear cut, defined outcome to every trainer. Usually in the game your entire goal is to become the Pokemon Master, and perhaps complete the Pokedex. They never really reference that you could be anything but the champion. However, in BW it is pretty obvious that though Bianca has a lot of determination, even walking out on her father, but she is not really cut out to be a Pokemon Master. She is pretty content being a casual participant in Pokemon battles, going along on the journey more out of sheer enjoyment and adventure instead of with one particular goal in mind.

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