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The Whirl Cup

The Johto Region at present.
The Johto Region - serene and mysterious even to this day. Many years have passed since the days when it was a common sight to see youngsters starting off on their Pokemon journeys. Once a tradition that every young adult experienced, it slowly waned in popularity with the rise of the many hundreds of other job options the current generation now have.

Many of the region's professors who specialised in aspects of Pokemon began to close their doors to promising hopefuls who were still caught by the idea of travelling the region with faithful partners. It has become extremely difficult for beginning trainers to carry out their dreams, many families not even being able to afford to attend the now pretigious Pokemon Academies located in the region, these schools now being the only place where a formal Pokemon battling technique and training education can be received.

Despite this fall of Pokemon training in the region, someone, somewhere, finally decided to take charge. Posters and flyers began to litter the ground and walls in every city, at first only here and there but now in an abundance. They outlined a competition that would be taking place in several months time, a competition that would surely bring about a rise in Pokemon journeying once more.

Where do you fit into all of this?
You are a young teenager, living out your life somewhere in the Johto region, who hears about this competition that is going to take place. It is the words Whirl Cup which spark your interest. The Whirl Cup, set up in honour of the famous Whirl Islands near Cianwood City, used to be a tournament for water type Pokemon trainers. This revived version is for all types, a competition only found in the Johto region which is aimed at helping bring about a rise in Pokemon training once more.

In order to participate in the competition, trainer hopefulls must begin with a Pokemon given to them from one of the Professors who are acting as the overseers of the competition. The Professor you will be visiting is Ginevra Woods. In par with the competition's conditions, you travel to Olivine City where the registration will take place. From there, those chosen who are gifted with a starter Pokemon will then travel the Johto region.

Only after collecting five badges from any of the eight gyms in the region who have opened their doors once more, will those chosen be eligible to compete in the Whirl Cup. The Whirl Cup will be unlike any competition Johto has ever seen before, with the chosen trainers battling against not only each other but against seasoned trainers, the small number of them who still have battling skills, in an effort to fight for the top prize.

The only conditions to register are that participants must be between the ages of fifteen and nineteen and have an interest in Pokemon.

Finding the time to stand up against them.
As within every region these days, deadly forces plot against the good, most significantly tearing apart the relationship between human beings and wild Pokemon. Whilst evil forces continue to hunt and steal Pokemon, the trust of the wild Pokemon with humans has been left falling apart. As trainers, you must catch wild Pokemon to add to your team. This will be increasingly difficult unless these deadly forces can be stopped.

Throughout the RP, there will be options for trainers to attempt to do things such as stop hunters and poachers or save a wild Pokemon herd from being rounded up and used in experiments. It is optional for trainers to attempt these acts but as long as these acts are ignored, the harder it will be to find and capture wild Pokemon to add to your team for the Whirl Cup.

Partners in crime.
There are six Pokemon for six participants. (Two of each of the official starters of Johto. Please be aware of the differing genders of the pairs)

1. Cyndaquil (M) - Taken by Fuyu

2. Cyndaquil (M) - Taken by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers

3. Totodile (M)

4. Totodile (F)

5. Chikorita (F) - Taken by Palcks

6. Chikorita (F) - Taken by First Snow

*Note: Reserves will last for 24 hours. If your SU is not up to the standard I'm asking for, the Pokemon will be up for grabs. I'm not being harsh, I just want the best writers for this RP. It doesn't take much to put a little effort into your descriptions!

Wanting to get started? > Find the word!
1. As Game Master (GM), I have a final say on everything.
2. When battling a wild Pokemon in an attempt to capture it, you must end the post with the ball rolling around. The quality of your posts will determine whether or not you capture the Pokemon and its statistics.
3. This is a chaptered RPG. Pokemon will not have levels, instead they can advance and evolve depending on the number of battles/scenarios they are involved in and, again, the quality of your posts. The more creative you are, the more likely it is that your Pokemon will be one step closer to evolving.
4. This also counts for attacks! Eventually, your Pokemon will have an unlimited number of attacks at their disposal. To start with however, they will be limited. With more battles and experiences, they will gain attacks. You can also RP a training post which will help a Pokemon learn a new move. The moves your Pokemon will be able to use to begin with will be determined upon your character receiving the Pokemon from Professor Woods.
5. Battles: The outcome of the battle will be determined by the GM, depending on the quality of your battle posts and your creativity. Type matchups will have some effect but if you are a good writer, it is possible, for example, for a Water type to emerge victorious against an Electric type. Include the name 'Poliwhirl' at the beginning of your SU.
6. Remember to be active and post!
7. All PC rules apply.
8. No bunnying/godmodding/powermodding.
9. RP is rated T, remember that!

Let’s go!
Name: (First and Last)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Age: (Between fifteen and nineteen)

History: (Lengthy paragraphs please! Where did you come from, what were you doing before deciding to enter? Actually, what made you enter the comp? Do you have knowledge of Pokemon or from a family who cannot afford who send their children to a Pokemon Tech? That kind of thing.)

Personality: (Who you are as a person, how you react to experiences/events)

Appearance: (What you look like! Detailed descriptions please! Simply a picture on its own will not suffice.)

Starter Species: (Your choice of starter)
Nickname: (If any)

RP Sample: (For this, I'm asking you to write a post. This means a post of quality, something equal to what you'd normally write like if you participated in this RP. You must outline what went on before you received your first Pokemon from Professor Woods. You were hand chosen for this competition and you received a letter of acceptance from the Professor herself which outlined all the information. How did you get to Olivine? Were your parents for or against you participating in the Whirl Cup? Play it out however you wish and then end the post with your character finding him/herself at Professor Woods' laboratory. The lab is situated on the outskirts of Olivine, only a couple of minutes from the beach as Professor Woods' primary focus is Water type Pokemon.)

If you have any questions/queries, please feel free to VM/PM me. I've got many of the chapters written already and for that reason I'm excited to try and keep this RP going!
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