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Originally Posted by Epitaph93 View Post
I really love that characters have pictures when you speak to them, a very cool feature that I might have to add to my hack. The title kinda made me think of the movie with talking animals called Homeward Bound, which is why I clicked on the thread in the first place. You may want to change the title again, as it could cause confusion with others. That said, the title does actually have significance to the story which is something that rarely happens around here. People seem to just pick a fancy color and use it, while your title is actually creative. That's about all the criticism I can offer for now, but I'll keep watching as this develops. Good luck.
Yeah I always like the fact you could "see" who you are talkin t, so I thought I would do that, it takes a while to get everyones face graphics and position them and so forth but it makes the game look somewhat better when there are a few characters in an event... I no that film, I love that film, Sassy the cat haha! But I know the film, and I can see what you mean, but never the less, that title justifies what I hope the character to achieve, and if anybody gets a Pokemon game confused with a film about a cat and 2 dogs It would actually make my day and I would laugh haha! I did the whole color thing, and it is just being lazy, but, its a good place to start for any begginer game maker, person... I have a huge update comin soon! Will post all updates and pictures this week, I hope. X