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I don't know how much of this you did yourself, but if you created that mostly in Cinema 4D then props to you. The things I immediately pick up on are that the ring is supposed to be under the clouds yet its clearly visible, you need to fix that because it pretty much wrecks the hierarchy going on with the planet there. Also, the light is way too blinding unless that's what you were going for, even so there are some dark spots too close to the blinding light that make it seem out of place, and I think a light that strong definitely needs to take up more of the planet and the surroundings instead of ending so quickly. If you were actually going for realism then the colours themselves are fine, but if you were going for flow then you need to work on the colours matching because they really don't. This is probably because of the fact that the light ends so quickly, however, even with that their should be so much more colour and cloud variety considering its a universal image. The stars in the bottom are also protrude too much and ruin the depth with the light as it appears that the stars are actually on top, just try and dim those out.

Well I haven't made something in aggeessss, too preoccupied doing other stuff. But steins;gate pretty much became one of my favourite animes, and I thought, why not experiment with the surrealism in the anime and try and create that in a tag, so this was a huge experiment, I do think I'll probably tweak the colours a tad more.