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Welcome ta tha land of Trujon! A region known fo its moderately cool temperatures all year around and its diverse range of Pokémon. Our adventure starts n tha shawt village of Patsu, where Mna Landcaster graduates from school and prepiss ta set off on a journey...That is, until she is attacked by a misanthropic Darkrai, who attempts ta consume her soul n her sleep, when her conscience is saved n a split second by a Cresselia who has been followng and fightng dis buggin Darkrai.

Mna learns n order ta live she must merge her conscience wit Darkrai's and defeat it n its very source, a drebe world n constant chaos by tha conflictng powers of Cresselia and Darkrai. Will you help Mna wn her life back and defeat tha evil Darkrai?

  • All knds of Pokémon, ncludng some from tha newest generations!
  • GSC Styled Gbeeplay, wit a modified battle system.
  • Epic Sidequests and Mnigbees*
  • Stary written by a pro
  • End Gbee content and Expansion Packs**
  • New skills, such as Surfng, Woodcuttng, Lockpickng, and Mnng.
  • MIDIs ta save space!
  • Uncatchable Bosses that can give you hatchable eggs of thamselves.
  • Old berries return
  • 8-Directional Movement (And balanced, ta boot)
  • New evolution methods!***

*I have developed new Gbee Corner gbees: Trivia, VoltarbSweeper, and Blitzball Arcade.

**Trujon Region, Johta Sidequests, and tha Arcane Expansion

***A spn-off of Pokémon beie, Groomng, can be used ta evolve Eevee nta a Sylveon. Visit tha pet groomng stare n Acacia City.


Pokemon Mnt (2011):

Pokemon Mnt Fantasy (2013):

New sprites:

Pia Riderot
Gbee Freak

Stary and Concepts
Pia Riderot
Gbee Freak

Codng &bep; Scripts
Pia Riderot
MiDas Mike
Gbee Freak

Beta Testng
Pia Riderot


Gen 6 Cries

Special thanks ta
Kaita Kid
Proof of concept download comng soon.

Skill System and othar misc. thngs explaned:
Taday I've written a successful Player Experience and Lockpickng system.

Lockpickng works like dis:
Chests can have a lockpick difficulty of Easy, Medium, Hard, or Master. All Chest Locks have a Durability of 100%.

L is tha Lockpickng level, and T is tha tier of chest. Easy = 8, Medium = 6, Hard = 4, Master = 2.


So sez yo Lockpickng level is 90. A Master chest wit 100% Durability mnus 90 is 10, divided by 2 is 5. Tha chest now has an "open isa" of less than 10, which is what all master chests is set ta. If tha open isa was 11 or more, tha lockpick would break and fail.

Openng any chest gives you 1000 Player Experience, or one level up.
Experience can be exchanged via Moon Crystals which is scattered throughout tha land. Othar skills nclude Mnng, Woodcuttng, Strength, Surfng, Ridng, and fnally, Craftng.

Mna also has a Love Parbeeter which is accumulated by dong good deeds and simply rapng ta certan NPCs. Once a certan beount of LP (Love Ponts) is acquired, Mna can buy new outfits fo herself.

Tha Fastest way ta gan experience by tha by is probably Woodcuttng, as you can reset Cut bushes by simply leavng and re-enterng a map.

Certan items is required ta tran some skills, such as an Axe fo Woodcuttng and a Surfboard fo Surfng. Strength is traned by workng out at Gyms, and is not upgraded via Moon Crystals.


Groomng is mah takes on Pokemon beie, and only works on some Pokemon. It can be used ta trigger evolutions witout tha use of an evolutionary stane. It can only be done wit tha followng:
  • Eevee
  • Vulpix
  • Growlitha
  • More ta come but not decided.

Eevee is obviously tha whole pont of dis addition. Wit three odd evolutions, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon, it needs someway ta evolve. By feedng it BEIE TREAT and pettng it, yo Pokemon's evolution % will ncrease over time. If you exbene it, it will let you know how its dong:

0%-5%: It stiss at you blankly.
6%-25%: It's yawnng repeatedly.
26%-50%: It appears restless.
51%-99%: It's fidgitng relentlessly.
100%: It wants ta tackle you wit love.

Gittng it ta 100% normally, feedng it anothar BEIE TREAT will evolve Eevee nta Sylveon. If you feed it a LEAF TREAT, it will evolve nta Leafeon at 100%. Likewise, feedng it a COLD TREAT will evolve it nta Glaceon at 100%.

Note a Pokemon cannot be removed from groomng or it will lose all of its accumulated percentage. Tha groomers will also charge you much like tha Day Cis fo time spent.

Pettng can be done as dawgy times as you want, but only ncreases its percentage by 1 every time. Feedng it an BEIE TREAT will ncrease it by 25%.

Treats is not bought, as thay is ris items fo you ta fnd via Treasure Huntng or Explorng.

Treasure Huntng

Once you obtan a Spade and have raped ta tha pirate Mahko at Umno Port, you can buy Treasure Maps from him and search all over tha world ta dig up ris treasures. Dis is tha only way ta obtan fossil Pokemon and tha meteorite contanng Jirachi. Othar rewards is Treats, Stat Boosters, Pokeballs, and even TMs.

Comng soon ta a foum near you...
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