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Welcome to the land of Trujon! A region known for its moderately cool temperatures all year around and its diverse range of Pokémon. Our adventure starts in the small village of Patsu, where Mina Landcaster graduates from school and prepares to set off on a journey...That is, until she is attacked by a misanthropic Darkrai, who attempts to consume her soul in her sleep, when her conscience is saved in a split second by a Cresselia who has been following and fighting this mad Darkrai.

Mina learns in order to live she must merge her conscience with Darkrai's and defeat it in its very source, a dream world in constant chaos by the conflicting powers of Cresselia and Darkrai. Will you help Mina win her life back and defeat the evil Darkrai?

  • All kinds of Pokémon, including some from the newest generations!
  • GSC Styled Gameplay, with a modified battle system.
  • Epic Sidequests and Minigames*
  • Story written by a pro
  • End Game content and Expansion Packs**
  • New skills, such as Surfing, Woodcutting, Lockpicking, and Mining.
  • MIDIs to save space!
  • Uncatchable Bosses that can give you hatchable eggs of themselves.
  • Old berries return
  • 8-Directional Movement (And balanced, to boot)
  • New evolution methods!***

*I have developed new Game Corner games: Trivia, VoltorbSweeper, and Blitzball Arcade.

**Trujon Region, Johto Sidequests, and the Arcane Expansion

***A spin-off of Pokémon Amie, Grooming, can be used to evolve Eevee into a Sylveon. Visit the pet grooming store in Acacia City.


Pokemon Mint (2011):

Pokemon Mint Fantasy (2013):

New sprites:

Pia Carrot
Game Freak

Story and Concepts
Pia Carrot
Game Freak

Coding & Scripts
Pia Carrot
MiDas Mike
Game Freak

Beta Testing
Pia Carrot


Gen 6 Cries

Special thanks to
Kaito Kid
Proof of concept download coming soon.

Skill System and other misc. things explained:
Today I've written a successful Player Experience and Lockpicking system.

Lockpicking works like this:
Chests can have a lockpick difficulty of Easy, Medium, Hard, or Master. All Chest Locks have a Durability of 100%.

L is the Lockpicking level, and T is the tier of chest. Easy = 8, Medium = 6, Hard = 4, Master = 2.


So say your Lockpicking level is 90. A Master chest with 100% Durability minus 90 is 10, divided by 2 is 5. The chest now has an "open area" of less than 10, which is what all master chests are set to. If the open area was 11 or more, the lockpick would break and fail.

Opening any chest gives you 1000 Player Experience, or one level up.
Experience can be exchanged via Moon Crystals which are scattered throughout the land. Other skills include Mining, Woodcutting, Strength, Surfing, Riding, and finally, Crafting.

Mina also has a Love Parameter which is accumulated by doing good deeds and simply talking to certain NPCs. Once a certain amount of LP (Love Points) is acquired, Mina can buy new outfits for herself.

The Fastest way to gain experience by the by is probably Woodcutting, as you can reset Cut bushes by simply leaving and re-entering a map.

Certain items are required to train some skills, such as an Axe for Woodcutting and a Surfboard for Surfing. Strength is trained by working out at Gyms, and is not upgraded via Moon Crystals.


Grooming is my take on Pokemon Amie, and only works on some Pokemon. It can be used to trigger evolutions without the use of an evolutionary stone. It can only be done with the following:
  • Eevee
  • Vulpix
  • Growlithe
  • More to come but not decided.

Eevee is obviously the whole point of this addition. With three odd evolutions, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon, it needs someway to evolve. By feeding it AMIE TREAT and petting it, your Pokemon's evolution % will increase over time. If you examine it, it will let you know how its doing:

0%-5%: It stares at you blankly.
6%-25%: It's yawning repeatedly.
26%-50%: It appears restless.
51%-99%: It's fidgeting relentlessly.
100%: It wants to tackle you with love.

Getting it to 100% normally, feeding it another AMIE TREAT will evolve Eevee into Sylveon. If you feed it a LEAF TREAT, it will evolve into Leafeon at 100%. Likewise, feeding it a COLD TREAT will evolve it into Glaceon at 100%.

Note a Pokemon cannot be removed from grooming or it will lose all of its accumulated percentage. The groomers will also charge you much like the Day Care for time spent.

Petting can be done as many times as you want, but only increases its percentage by 1 every time. Feeding it an AMIE TREAT will increase it by 25%.

Treats are not bought, as they are rare items for you to find via Treasure Hunting or Exploring.

Treasure Hunting

Once you obtain a Spade and have talked to the pirate Mahko at Umino Port, you can buy Treasure Maps from him and search all over the world to dig up rare treasures. This is the only way to obtain fossil Pokemon and the meteorite containing Jirachi. Other rewards are Treats, Stat Boosters, Pokeballs, and even TMs.

Coming soon to a forum near you...
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