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Dear Anonymous,

I wish we were better friends.

Before the accident a few months ago, we were never in a good relationship as friends. I don't think you ever changed your views on me. I use to be extremely jealous of you.

You're beautiful. Smart. Everyone thought you were so funny, friendly, and just overall a really great person. We never had a relationship like that, but I really did think you were great. You were everything I wanted to be.

Now, after thinking about your family having their first Christmas without you, I wanted to cry. I mentioned your name in my religion class for an "intention", as my teacher calls it. She was wondering why I pray for you. She thought I was a good friend.

I only wish we were. I really hoped you could have seen the better side of me before you died. I miss you, and it kills me to mention your name in prayer, but I do it anyway because I miss you and I only think the best about you.

I keep you and your families in the prayers we have in school. When I hear people at school or hear a discussion about people not going to Heaven, I always think about you. You're too good of a person to just "die". Words can't describe how amazing you are and how your sou isl. You were so pure of heart. Everything about you was good.

There has to be a place for you. I believe there is, no matter what people say.

Your family miss you.
Your friends miss you.
I miss you.
We all miss you here.

Don't forget to keep looking down and checking up on everyone, angel. You are dearly missed.