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Quote originally posted by Xulek:
Binarypeaches, what made you decide to play TOS for the first time?
OKAY. So I was chatting with one of my online friends (who I still keep in contact with. In fact I'm hoping to meet him sometime over the Christmas break!) and while we were chatting, he had suggested a game called Tales of Symphonia to me. I glanced at the cover and such, and figured "hey, this looks interesting!" Then one day on a whim, I asked my best friend if she had the game. Amazingly enough, her brother had the game in her possession, and we all began playing it. Then the rest was history! If it wasn't for a friend suggesting it to me and my best friend having it, my life would be completely different than what you see here today!

Now, Xulex, what's the backstory behind your favorite game (so in turn, this is kind of two questions, since I'm kind of asking what your favorite game is as well).
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