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Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
Yay, you guys finally have a thread for what is shaping up to be a fun and enjoyable game. Its great to see more screenshots and by the sound of it, the project is progressing quite comfortably. While the graphics appear pretty simple, they all go well together and have a great overall style. I'm very much looking forward to seeing how the gameplay looks :)
Thanks broseph :3

Originally Posted by Ratty524 View Post
This game looks very fun and well-presented. I do have a question, however, and that is how is the game going to be played. It seems like a simple platformer, but since I see a theme of color involved with the game, will that play a factor for the game play?
Thanks! The game is a platformer, yes, but I do have plans of introducing an inventory and weapon system. Obviously, there is the paintball gun, but I do have plans to include a sword, boomerang, stuff like that, and they will probably rely on Paint, which you get from collecting paintbrushes (see the last screenshot on the first post).
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