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Dear Anonymous,

Why do you treat me like this? Sometimes you're really nice and you can be really fun and hyper but then sometimes you snap at me, I know I can nag with that 1 awful word you hate and I do try to refrain from doing so, but it's an annoying habit, you're not the only one who gets it. So please, stop acting like a child and talk to me and I'll stop using the word.

Dear Anonymous,

I've had a lot of fun talking to you over the past few months, you're a really nice person who I can relate to with certain things. But now, over the past week things have changed and I know you're going to stop talking to me, along with a number of other people. Enjoy your life and such.

Dear Anonymous,

We haven't had a good chat in a while, I miss our random talks of nothing. I swear I'll start a conversation soon and we'll have a good time. :D
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