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The Pokémon Symbolism Library

Hello, faithful onlookers in the Writer’s Lounge, it’s me, Impo, here with another idea. Another, I know, gosh, I need to start finishing old ones instead of starting new ones, but eh. The idea this time is to create a ‘Pokémon Symbolism Library’.

It’s main purpose will be to allow aspiring writers to educate themselves on which Pokémon are more logically suited in a specific location or scenario, due to various aspects of its being. This can be useful to many people, if they are just looking for a Pokémon to be coherent to a trainer or just to lay the platform of a certain Pokémon’s actions, motives, and the like.

If you would like to submit an ‘analysis’ on a Pokémon, please feel free to. Better yet, feel obliged to, because I am kind of hoping this will be a community made resource. If you do choose to whip something up, you will be credited. Just make sure you have proofread your breakdown on the Pokémon so it is logical and professional, and I guess formal in a sense. Maybe? I don’t know.

Currently, our reservoir of completed analyses is empty, but that is only because I tend to get very sleep at eleven thirty at night.

The Pokemon

#372 – Shelgon – Isolated/Secluded by Impo

Shelgon is a Pokémon confined into a shell, not emerging until it evolves. For this sole purpose, Shelgon is wonderful for partnering with trainers who are secluded and isolated. Everything about Shelgon points towards the general characteristics of segregation – they like to hide in enormous caves and its Japanese name Komoruu could be a corruption of the word Komoru, meaning ‘to seclude oneself’.

Probably the best reason for choosing Shelgon its ability to evolve into the pseudo-legendary Salamence. This isn’t because of power, but it allows for diverse plot development - development in which one can use the figurative term ‘breaking out of their shell’ literally. For example, the evolution from Shelgon to Salamence can represent Shelgon gaining social and interpersonal attributes, as well as a new level of power.

If you would like a more feminine turn of things, bug types such as Metapod can generate the same appeal by turning into Butterfree. That could also be coherent with the term ‘a social butterfly.’

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