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Cevelts Conquerors

Hey, what's up? Glad you took the time to look at the thread. You may ask yourself what exactly this is. It's a clan, for one, which is (When related to gaming) a group of gamers that enjoy playing with and against each other. It's also an attempt to start something here on PC that we haven't had in a while, users that just enjoy battling doing just that daily. What we want to do here is give you the fun battles you're used to, but with the community that you've come to love, so without further ado, here it is, Covelts Conquerors.


PC Username: Anti
PO Username: Anti
Rank: Leader

PC Username: Ooka
PO Username: Deity
Rank: Leader

Ranking System
Alright, so when you join this clan, you'll start out as the Newbie rank, though through battling and community involvement you can quickly climb the ranks and be a top notch battler here in the clan. Each time you win a battle you'll gain 10 Experience points, depending on what rank player you're battling, the number of points will increase, first here are the possible ranks to achieve in the clan:

Newbie (Just starting out, hasn't won any battles)
Member (After winning a battle, shows you're at least interested [10 Exp.])
Elite (After winning 15 battles, shows you're a very skilled battler [150 Exp.])
Legend (After winning 30 battles, your name is definitely one to watch out for [300 Exp.])
Council (After winning 40 battles, as well as winning an event and defeating a leader [400 Exp.])
High Council (After winning 50 battles, as well as hosting an event. Must be chosen for this rank [500 Exp.])
Co-Leader (After winning 100 battles, as well being a very dedicated and helpful member [1,000 Exp.])
Leader (Unobtainable, unless a leader becomes retired)
Retired (If you've obtained a rank, but then leave the clan)


Current Events

Past Events

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