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Suite Precure 44 - 45:



So this is finally the endgame. I don't want to turn this into a post comparing Suite to Heartcatch, though it's hard for me to avoid because it's the only Precure series I have to compare it to unless I get around to watching some of the others. Heartcatch's endgame would be extremely hard to match for any future Precure series, so I'm really going to try to just take the final battle in Major Land for what it is.

This episode was mostly dueling blasts of rainbows and darkness with a couple of faux-deaths to create tension (looks like they're not going to legit kill people like they did in Hear...wait, I said I wasn't going to do this), but I guess it was necessary to set up the next episode, which looks like it'll be much better due to Noise eating the Androids and transforming into Perfect Noise, giving him a more human shape and thus allowing for a more visceral slugfest than the Cures just kicking a big dragon in the face repeatedly.

The big twist at the end will be that this whole series was a prequel to Symphogear.

Also, a 15 second spot for Smile Precure aired, whooooooo. I think that whatever doubts that I had about the show initially have been officially put to rest:


Dis gon b gud.