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Quote originally posted by PokemonLady:
I think I'll give it a nickname... I'll give it the Name

Raven the Giratina
Your 'Tina has been nicknamed

Quote originally posted by Snivy063:
I prefer the usual type, I haven't really used any of the plates, so I don't have any experience with 'em. :3

Just being honest here! XD
Normal typing is Super Effective by Fighting only, so Normal is good also.

I like to use the Steel type because it has so many resistance to many types. Only have to watch out for Fighting/Fire/Ground type attacks however. But for coloring/view, I prefer Dragon/Ghost/Dark. Just plain look sick!

Quote originally posted by Avishka:
Who do you think is the Strongest Legendary Pokemon?
Which Typing do you prefer on Arceus and why?
I've never used/owned an Arceus. i would prefer Ghost-type Arceus
Which do you prefer, Land or Sky Shaymin? Why?
land Shaymin is cuter than the sky Shaymin. i like land Shaymin

few pics of the Pokemon of the week : victini

NICE!!! Victini and Mew are just way to cute. Victini and Mew separate are good enough! Together, it's unreal! lol. Which leads to the next topic:

Who is the cutest Legendary Pokemon?

Quote originally posted by miltankRancher:
cute pics of victini! I love how he holds the status of the only pokemon having 000 as regional pokedex number.
I still don't understand why on the national Pokedex is Victini listed after Arceus. Just to make it interesting or is there a reason?