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Originally Posted by PokemonLady View Post
I think I'll give it a nickname... I'll give it the Name

Raven the Giratina
Your 'Tina has been nicknamed

Originally Posted by Snivy063 View Post
I prefer the usual type, I haven't really used any of the plates, so I don't have any experience with 'em. :3

Just being honest here! XD
Normal typing is Super Effective by Fighting only, so Normal is good also.

I like to use the Steel type because it has so many resistance to many types. Only have to watch out for Fighting/Fire/Ground type attacks however. But for coloring/view, I prefer Dragon/Ghost/Dark. Just plain look sick!

Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
Who do you think is the Strongest Legendary Pokemon?
Which Typing do you prefer on Arceus and why?
I've never used/owned an Arceus. i would prefer Ghost-type Arceus
Which do you prefer, Land or Sky Shaymin? Why?
land Shaymin is cuter than the sky Shaymin. i like land Shaymin

few pics of the Pokemon of the week : victini

NICE!!! Victini and Mew are just way to cute. Victini and Mew separate are good enough! Together, it's unreal! lol. Which leads to the next topic:

Who is the cutest Legendary Pokemon?

Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
cute pics of victini! I love how he holds the status of the only pokemon having 000 as regional pokedex number.
I still don't understand why on the national Pokedex is Victini listed after Arceus. Just to make it interesting or is there a reason?