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First ever grass type Pokemon? Good question, hmm... I think mine would have to be Oddish! Which I caught because at first I thought I'd found a glitch in the game xD Then it become my trusted partner to help Charmander and Sandshrew beat Misty :D

Edit: Seems since I posted there's a new topic! My favourite Grass type is a tough choice between Roserade and Foongus... They both share a Grass/Poison typing; one which I happen to be a big fan of! If we're talking battle-wise, Roserade is my favourite Grass type Pokemon due to being the champion at performing the role it plays whilst also causing some huge damage. If we're talking in general, I'd go with with Foongus as it's utterly adorable and such a strange Pokemon! At first I hated this Pokemon because... Well, just think about what it is o.o But after using one and growing attached to one, I've learnt to love the little thing. It's so cute the way it bounces around! <3
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