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The penalty was blatant so there is nothing to talk about there. As for Balotelli's alleged kick or whatever on Parker's face, it's seems unintentional, no; the guy lost his balance and was spinning weirdly. How could he have seen Parker behind him? Everything that Balottelli does doesn't call for attacking the guy just because of his reputation. However, there are some referees who would have given him a card, regardless if malice intended or not. Howard Webb didn't see it so he might have showed him a card if he had seen it. Actually, he would have, lol. I never been a fan of Webb. Overrated.

A draw would have been fair, yes, but if a team should have won, it should have been City. While Tottenham did their fair counterattacks in the second half and threatened Hart a lot, City were more critical on the ball. Hadn't it been for Savic inexperience that lead to the stupid mistake hence Spurs' first goal, City would have comfortably carried the day with a win. Did you see Defoe's chance at the end? That was extremely vexing, lol.

The game was one of the greatest game I have seen in the EPL. City and Tottenham play the best football at the moment. Now, Arsenal versus United should be interesting. I'm rooting for Arsenal but you never know how games turn out for United.