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Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
I had all my TCG given away to my cousin. :\ Is this all the Moltres card available? If it is, then I own no Moltres card, because nothing rings a bell.

If I were to use one of those, I will probably be using the Nintendo Black Star Promos, one with the Flame Gift. Because I love ex Pokemon.
Officially yeah. I looked through Mewtwo's card and they don't have two of his 'Base' Cards from back in Generation 1...maybe because they were remade into a a different card for a later packs. So it's either 1 or 2 are missing from the Base set or that's all of 'em.

I've owned three of Moltres' card. The 2nd to last, with Scorching Wings, and the one with Hyper Flame at 70HP from the 'Base' set and have/had used the one with Dive Bomb/Wildfire (2nd card).

mR's favorite Pokemon...nah not really

Honestly I don't mind Articuno all that much, but when using in competitive battle, Zapdos would be a wiser choice. Articuno is more of a staller than a sweeper of any form. Welcome Articuno to the fold!


I've owned the one with Diamond Dust attack from the 'Base Set,' as well as the first two Cards.

The Diamond Dust one was my favorite card back in the TGC day when it first came out. It was very effective with its ability to either paralyze the opponent or do damage to ALL of the Pokemon in the bench.