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I decided to read through all the rules 'n' stuff, and there's a lot of it that I definitely dispute. These are just my rebuttals from my long (prize-winning) experience as a writer:

Quote originally posted by oni flygon:
-Oneshots (stories with just one chapter) should be at least 1400 words long
No way. They can be as short as you want them to be. There's no point pulling out certain stories to three times their original length. The story stagnates and becomes ultra-boring. Better to keep it simple but moving along properly.

Quote originally posted by oni flygon:
-Always have descriptions! This is not a movie. Your readers rely on your words to "see" whats happening. The more detailed your story is, the better.
Oh no you don't. See what I wrote just above. Description is good, yes, but most people tend to overwrite and again, the story stops moving. I hate reading stories that stop moving. Action is always more important than description, except in a certain type of writing that focuses only on one very small occurrence. If you write your action properly, it serves as description as well. I can't be more specific than that - types of action often describe a person's personality. "Creeping" is different from "plodding", for example.

Quote originally posted by oni flygon:
Dont use "said" without adverbs. "Said" is the most boring verb in any Fanfiction. Use adverbs to help out, or use alternative words like commented, asked, exclaimed and so on.
Quote originally posted by oni flygon:
Never overuse "said." Use it only once if you have no option. Use other words such as replied, exclaimed, asked, questioned, explained, phrased, called, etc. There are many more than just that.
This is actually a much-believed myth. Don't get pulled in. As a kid I used those words a lot, before I realised they really made my writing seem overwritten. "Said", if used properly, is more poignant than many other words. Using one of the "non-said words" really wrecks the flow in some cases. What's more boring than something like...

"Hello," Ash said quickly.
"Oh, hi," May said shyly.
"Look at the stars," commented Ash. He put his hand on May's shoulder.
"Oh, wow! They're bright," exclaimed May.
"Do you like astronomy?" asked Ash.
"I love it," replied May with sparkling eyes.

That could be rewritten to sound more interesting:

Ash glanced around. "Hello."
May smiled shyly. "Oh, hi."
"Look at the stars," Ash said, resting a hand on May's shoulder.
"Oh, wow! They're bright," exclaimed May.
"Do you like astronomy?"
"I love it," said the girl, the stars reflected in her eyes.

And see, I used one adverb - and not with a "said" - only one "exclaimed", two "said"s. And that sounds much better than the one with two "adverb-said" combinations, a "commented", an "exclaimed", an "asked" and a "replied". Not that the fragment was particularly interesting in the first place, though.

Quote originally posted by oni flygon:
Also, try to use as many adjectives in order to make your descriptions a bit more colorful.
Overuse of adjectives ruins a story. I look back at some of the writing I did as a seven-year-old fourth-grader (that received top marks) and I wince, just because of the number of adjectives.

*giggles* OK, that's enough nitpicking for now. Just tell me if you want me to pick on you more... you horrible ex-pair, you. XD *chases another ex-pair (Alex)*


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