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It's simple dragon, you put the move names and/or details of the moves next to the controls, as you envisioned they would work for a character you want introduced.

And I said it before, but I'll say it again until I die. I really really REALLY want Banjo and Kazooie in SSB4, as they would be amazing additions, and they would work. Also, they wouldn't defy the laws of physics with their jump in midair, unlike some mustached plumbers...

Man of Steel
He harbors no shame
Got cut a raw deal
But he holds no blame
Gone and forgot to feel
Numb for pretentious pain
As he spins the wheel
There's no loss nor no gain...

Nerves of Steel
He must remain
Even if it kills
To remember my name
A view to a thrill
Like Campari and Champagne
I'm on the rocks
Please tell me, What Is My Name?