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Akira Tsukuda – Angel

Akira hadn’t been standing around for long before Natruo appeared in the centre of the room. Akira cast his eyes to the side, avoiding looking at the malicious God and instead, found a demon in the trees watching him. It took him a while to realise, but once he did he wasn’t as nearly as surprised as he had been when he saw her up there. Bernkastel sure was an odd sort, even for a winner of the Population Games. Akira stared back at her for a while, the two locking eyes for a moment, before he turned away to ignore her, moving onto the nearest table as Natruo left the area and Gods appeared behind the tables offering different skill set trainings as well as magic training. He watched as the little girl angel whom had bumped into him before headed towards the nearest table to her, attempting to tie a knot. If he was to win in this tournament, he needed allies to help against the other contestants, and so far she was the only angel he had seen so far. He approached the table beside her, picking up a piece of rope and reading a set of instructions for it, although he knew the knot too well and could do it without the instructions. He turned his attention from the knot to the little girl, still fumbling with the rope as he talked to her.

“Hello, I’m…” he stopped mid-sentence as he recognised who exactly this angel was. Amelia Kunjui, the daughter of one of the most renowned people in the Angel District stood beside him. With a mother so powerful, he wondered how she had ended up in the Games; surely her mother could have pulled some strings and let another unfortunate soul take her place.

Grabbing a piece of rope, he began following the instructions the mentor had given, and after a couple of unsuccessful tries, he managed to make a noose. It wasn’t quite up to standard but it would have its desired effects. He placed it on the table next to the rope Amelia was fumbling with, “I may be an Angel, but don’t count me as an ally.” He spoke quite aggressively before leaving the table to try something else.

His next destination brought him past most of the other tables to the end where they were doing training with the elements. He walked past the earthen table, where the psychotically aggressive Demon known as Ryuu was frustratingly learning how to move rocks. Another mentor stood idly at the table, his eyes caught Akira’s and there was something about them that enticed Akira to draw in closer and see what he offered.

Tall and lanky, the man seemed vastly different to the stockier mentor who was having the arduous task of teaching Ryuu to lift up rocks. For some reason, this did not appeal to Akira at all, Akira relied more on his agility and speed than strength to fight. But even when the mentor motioned for him to follow, Akira still followed, curious about what this seemingly silent mentor had to offer.

“Welcome Angel, I see these arts interest you, no?” his accent was weird, Akira could not put a palce to it, but then again he was a god.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to kick around rocks all day, I have to prepare to die, so I don’t want to waste my day with rocks.” He was snarky and moody, it wasn’t the mentor’s fault that he was here, so he didn’t really have an excuse to take it out on the mentor. He turned to walk away, kicking up a little bit of dust with his wings when the mentor caught him with a hand on his shoulder.

“No one said anything about rocks, but I do have something you might find interesting.” He whispered in Akira’s ear. Anything that would help him avoid an early death was welcome, but Akira was mostly curious about what is mentor had to teach him; his natural curiosity winning over.

“Okay then, what do you have to teach me?” he put emphasis on the ‘have’, making it seem as if he had something better to do with his time. Not that he did.

With a wave of his hand, the mentor created a miniature dust storm around him, completely obscuring himself from sight before directing the sand to disperse then form into a pile right next to him. “How about I teach you to obscure yourself from sight and disorientate your opponents, hmm?”

Akira was stunned, he wasn’t quite ready for that, but it seemed as if the mentor knew exactly what he needed. While shifting massive rocks around wasn’t his strong suit, being able to manipulate something fluid and agile like himself would come much easier to him; his wings could help as well.

After several hours of training, Akira quickly thanked the tutor, he had learned much by forsaking the other tables, but it somehow seemed necessary to have learnt what he had. Heading back up to the tower where the Angel District tributes lived, he entered into the dining room, his stomach grumbling as he surveyed the food laden table. Picking up an plate, he grabbed a few pieces of food before settling down to eat, playing with a small pile of sand with his left hand while he ate with his right hand. His hunger gave him a fair indication of how much he had trained; he was almost famished!
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