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Hey, heey. Sorry for being, a little bit le late.

New topic: 'Which is your favourite Poison type family?'
Hey, obviously Venonat->Venomoth. But other ones are great too. Mostly Ekans->Arbok and Koffing->Weezing. Pardon me for being old-gen player. And don't question it as well. :D

New topic: 'Which Poison type Pokemon's shiny colours do you like least?'
What I don't even...know any...but hey, let me use le google now...
<using le google>
Nah, anyway as far as I've read the topic, this, Toxicroak(?) looks like, looks like, I cannot even find a word. Strange And also, I've found a shiny Arbok looking kinda weird with this golden color but hey, after all I really like it.