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Kilik Chambers

Kilik was nearing the city. Soon, he'll sell some of the food he has for some money, & buy something decent. After that he'll venture into Mt. Coronet to find some excitement. As he kept walking, something felt odd, like someone was following him. Like anyone would follow him-

Some suddenly tramples him & tries slashing the knife at him. A girl was trying to kill him?! Kilik fought back from the ground, flipping her over to the left then got up to make some distance. She had managed to cut a bit on his arm, but not too much damage. This world has already sunk low like this, so it wasn't a surprise to Kilik.

He saw the girl, brown hair, weird-looking jacket, blood-stained knife. She must have a rough life too, but would she really try to kill a kid like Kilik? "Hey!" He called to the girl. "Have you really sunk so low that you would kill kids?" & she was a kid too so it was messed up, even if this world would kill to survive. Already this smelled bad.

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