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Originally Posted by SNOR(es)LAX View Post
Yea, I agree with you in Yamask and Woobat will evolve. All of J&J's Pokemon all evolved. After all, they are very good trainers in interacting with their Pokemon. (especially James with Chimeco, that made me almost cried) But I really missed Arbok and Weezing.

Not Celine, nooooooo! xD I miss Arbok and Weezing as well. I hope they will return by the end of the anime. Them and Miyamoto, grrr.

@arbok: I think we all feel the same here. Pokemon is incredibly boring without JJ&M. The show will lose some fans if it keeps on going. I also will completely stop watching it if the trio departs. I don't understand what the staff is thinking. They should consider what Shudo used to say...