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Alexis raised herself slightly up, trying to get a better look at the chest as Meden fiddled with it. Her ears twitched as she heard the lock click, standing up on her feet again as she peers at the chest which Snype slowly opens.

As he pulled out the red ball and string, her brows raising. Neither her nor Daniel had ever learned anything about held items, which caused her to look rather confused. Her head tilted to the side as she lowers a paw to lift up the other loop of the string.

"I have no idea... it does look like some kind of string. But why would they just lock up a piece of string...?"

Her curiosity then starts getting a better hold of her, and she lifts her other paw and uses it to slowly wriggle the other end of the string into the loop, finding it a little hard, what with having no claws and all. But she does manage to, her tail flicking in the air above her.

She then looked up at the other three, glancing between them curiously.

"Do you have any idea what this is, Meden or Flora...?
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