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Quote originally posted by pokemon1412:
Does anyone also confirm that Hidden Power does minimal damage in the latest patch (I only tested Fire Red)?
Can't say I've ever tested it, so I don't know.

Quote originally posted by pokemon1412:
the other things:
- rock-type won't get boosted sp.def while sandstorm
This is an effect that apparently was introduced in Gen 4. It's not a bug, it's just how it worked in Gen 3.

Quote originally posted by pokemon1412:
- sunny day and rain also won't affect fire and water moves' power
- abilities that boost certain type's power like "Blaze" don't work (as Jambo said)
- power-raising items also don't work...
These definitely do not work under Darthatron's system, but there is a fix available. It's not ideal, but it works.
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