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Oakley North - Boston, England

“If you follow me, then hopefully soon,” River stood up, Oakley frowning and doing the same. She hadn't quite finished eating, but she was sure that they would all get a chance to do so again soon. Though she thought Kieran was going to leave them, he followed with Oakley, talking about his little brother. The words only cut into Oakley, reminding her that yes, she had a brother here too. One she had been avoiding. And the way Kieran said that he missed his brother, Oakley only thought about how she missed hers too. He was only five steps in front of her but Oakley could not muster up the courage to simply ask how he was. What he had been doing.

River led them down into another door, stopping at the entrance.

“This is the Atrium; to our left is the front entrance and administration office. Straight ahead of us are the quarters for the leaders of the Royal Family, each you will meet in due time," she gestured to each respective building then continued through a pair of double doors. “Up there are your dorms and classrooms, as well as an indoor recreation area. Males are to my left, Females to my right,” Dorms. How Oakley wanted to have a good nights sleep. But it also meant sleeping with other people in the same room. New people? New schedules? It all worried her. “Here,” River, continuing with the tour, motioned around her, “is the outside recreation where you can relax with friends in the peaceful surroundings. The garden to my left is one maintained by Justin, Leader of the House of Flora. Behind me past the water fountain is the training field. Different areas can support different fields of gameplay. Hidden in the dense forest that borders the western end of the field, are our outdoor training areas, you will only go here to train with your class. Oh, and before I forget, the workshop and laboratory are below the boys’ dorms, you will only go in here if you are told to, or have a class in there, otherwise please refrain from being inside," she paused for a moment, then continued. "Now if you follow me, there is someone you need to meet.” Oakley didn't really take in her surroundings, only listening to Kieran who spoke of his homeland, but Oakley really wasn't listening to him either. They were taken through another door and Oakley's eyes fell on a fragile, old lady with cloudy eyes. She didn't take long to start talking with her raspy voice.

“Welcome young Halflings, I am the Oracle, one of the original Atlanteans that walked the massive continent… I survived the destruction of Atlantis and watched the world evolve and die before my very eyes, but an even bigger disaster looms, and you are all a part of it. As my gift to you, I will tell you a single prophecy; my eyes have seen all that has happened, will happen and could ever happen," she was old and her voice raspy but she did not stop on a word. One of the original Atlanteans? How old was she?

“You boy, you will lose that which you hold dear," she spoke to Michael first. Oakley turned to look at him, frowning a little as he seemed to be lost in his thoughts. What did he hold dear? Oakley thought of herself for a moment, but they weren't really the closest of siblings at the moment. Their mother was dead, Oakley knew her father and Michael had a far worse strained relationship than they had. What else did Michael have? Though, Oakley knew nothing of his past life and if he had... fallen in love or whatever since she had seen him.

“You," Oakley turned to the 'Oracle' as the voice was directed at her, "shall betray the people you are close to,” she said, then pointed at Kieran, “you too.”

Betray? What? Oakley was not close to anyone, not at the moment. She loved her father, but how could she betray him when he was leagues away? She could call herself barely close to Michael. She looked at Kieran, who had received the same prophecy as her. Were they connected in that way? Would they betray eachother, or was that just coincidence? Well, she might have been literally close to Kieran, but she barely knew the guy. As her mind raced to try and find conclusions, she felt that familiar twinge in her arm. She stopped cradling her right arm and let it sink to the floor as the armour slowly crept up past her elbow. No, Oakley. Not here. Not now. And hopefully, not ever.

Ms. Beleren quickly ushered them out and into the hall. “The Oracle barely speaks words other than that of destruction or chaos these days. I will take you to your rooms now, rest up and refresh and I will come and collect you when training starts.” She then took them all to their rooms, Oakley saying goodbye to Kieran and stepping into the girls' dorms with the Italian girl and the American. Oakley quickly ushered herself to a bed which was quite nicely labelled with her name by a piece of paper on a desk. She fell onto the bed, keeping her right arm up so she didn't damage any of the covers. She maneuvered the backpack off her back, which she had somehow kept in tact since leaving her house in London.

So, now she had clothes. What else could she afford to keep close to her?

"Ow," Oakley heard a soft voice, opening her eyes and blinking. She looked around, only seeing others sitting on their beds, talking quietly amongst themselves. She pulled her head down and looked under the bed, pulling the covers up with her left arm, only to see a girl, a few years older than Oakley, hiding underneath. She went wide eyed, putting a finger to her lips.

"What are you doing?" Oakley whispered back, frowning. Her face had started to feel hot from holding it upside down for so long.

"Ssh! I'm not here, okay?"
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