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Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
Name: Hailey

Nickname: The Shatterer (Self-Appointed Title)

Age: 10

Sex: Female


Personality: Hailey is a quiet girl turned cynical by her pokespirit. She is slightly hesitant to 'pull the trigger' so to speak, but is ultimately very hateful towards others to the point that her default reaction to a person is to shun or attack them. Given, this is not a completely unusual reaction in this day and age. However, hers is more severe than most in that she will often react harshly even to those trying to help her. Hailey considers her pokespirit wise, and often allows her pokespirit a greater say in matters than she herself. Despite harboring somewhat misanthropic views, Hailey attempts to hold herself to higher standards than most by restraining herself from things she considers amoral. preferring to operate only with her childhood friend, Arcea, Hailey avoids major cities like the plague, only ever venturing into the underground in terms of key locations. Meanwhile, she and her pokespirit plan the downfall of humanity.

History: Hailey was born and raised in Jubilife City, where she was kept busy doing chores until she was around 10, when she began to speak of feeling drawn to Mt. Coronet. Her parents, knowing all too well what this meant, were eager to capitalize on the prospect of having a super powered child around. There was quite a large 'market', to say the least. They urged her to travel there with them in hopes of securing her future as there's. Such was a common folly among adults desperate to increase their standing in a dying world. However, when they brought Hailey to the giant crystal formation known to be the source of pokespirit wielder's power something unexpected happened. A pokespirit in the form of a mostly transparent disembodied gardevoir face approached Hailey, assaulting her with knowledge. Her parents wanted to use her. The world needed to be purged. She was the chosen one. All things told to her by the pokespirit. Needless to say, Hailey was kind of frightened. Her parents lacked any ability to understand the conversation and were left confused and mildly suspicious at Hailey's reaction. Alas, the pokespirit was insistent enough that Hailey obeyed, reaching out and fusing with the spirit in front of her. Their spirits were forever intertwined. Under the guidance of her pokespirit Hailey turned on her parents and lifted them up with telekinesis, slowly walking over to a sheer part of the cliff side, malicious intentions being fed to her. Yet... as she reached the edge. her parents ceasing to be angry and starting to panic, Hailey found that she couldn't do it. She couldn't drop them. She couldn't pull the trigger. Her pokespirit was enraged, powerless to force her host. Hailey moved her parents back over hard ground before hesitating a moment as they got up and fleeing, using her newfound powers to easily escape her bewildered folks. Hailey's pokespirit, named Myra, spent the next two years training Hailey. She taught her ideology, told her stories of the awful things that went down, instilled new morals whilst washing old ones away. Hailey eventually became a shadow of her former self, learning to think like her pokespirit, learning to act like her pokespirit, learning to try to /be/ her pokespirit... all whilst Myra spoke of a shattering that would push the world over the edge into Oblivion, or as she called it; Rapture.

Pokéspirit (No legendaries. Alternate color schemes are allowed.)
Species: Gardevoir

Nickname (Optional): Myra

Personality (Can be as short or long as you want): Myra is the spirit of a gardevoir that has gone through a bit too many traumas in her afterlife. Having chosen multiple humans and bonded with them, only to watch and feel their pain helplessly as they each suffered horrible fates; Myra was emotionally broken to the point that she no longer resembles her former self. What remains of what was once a loving caring pokemon is now a revenge fueled monster that wishes only to see the world burn, or at least humanity. Her illness has gotten so bad that she now attempts to justify her actions to herself and others with delusional visions of justice and redemption. It's lucky that no one can hear her, for even Hailey would be lucky to get anything short of bitter promises of vengeance.

Moves: Stored Power, Calm Mind, Psych Up, Telekinesis, Focus Blast, Magic Coat

Opening Post: Hailey slowly made her way across an abandoned route, seldom traveled since the says pokemon trainers had still roamed the earth. A haunting breeze brushed through her short hair, taunting her with its presence. Not all that far behind floated another girl wielding an Eelektross pokespirit. Hailey glanced back at the girl. Her name was Arcea, very arguably Hailey's only friend. Observing the other girl's floating Hailey slowly deigned that she too was too good to get her feet dirty and lifted herself into the air with telekinesis. She was on her way to the underground, on business of finding something to eat. Just as she was too good to walk the earth like a mortal she was also to good to resort to feasting on the energy of others, let alone others themselves. Popularly accepted myth had it that there had been a time where such atrocities had never been needed. They had been viewed as all kinds of evil. Now the only thing remaining of such fears was some who believed it posed a terrible health risk. Encouraged by her pokespirit Myra, Hailey embraced such 'myths' further allowing her to harbour disgust for the world and it's inhabitants. Looking down on others was part of how she coped. She had deigned to live off what little the world had left to offer, though she had a tendency to eat plants that were less than friendly and wind up sick. Such was the risks. However, she was silently opening up to the idea of saplings energy from others as a safer alternative.

"We'll eat /tonight/." she said, in a commanding, confident tone that would've earned her the title of professional badarse in another time for being a ten-year old girl and saying that. Yet, such a time was gone. Pokespirit weilders were a far different generation with different expectations. Arcea didn't seem to think anything of it at all, judging from her expression.

Name: Arcea

Age: 12

Sex: Female

Arcea's mouth contains only a few fangs, rather than regular teeth.

Personality: Arcea is a thoughtful person who doesn't really know what to think of what goes on in the world. Generally kind of neutral towards things Arcea is known to be loyal to her friends, as evidenced by her following Hailey around, and willing to resort to cruel behaviors if the situation calls for it. Mostly though she wishes that the world her ancestors gave her didn't suck so much and that she didn't have to live this way. She is also realistic enough to realize that complaining will not change anything, however. At the end of the day though, Arcea is mostly concerned with her friend's well-being, most notably Hailey's. However her loyalty has paired her with a person intent on destroying others. Thus, she can be a bit anti-social at best and a bit unreasonable at worst. Unlike Hailey, Arcea is willing to do whatever it takes to survive, even if that meant resorting to the most horrible of acts. Luckily she is not prone to these things unless they serve some actual benefit, and has not actually ceased to care like some.

History: Arcea grew up in Jubilife City as a fairly quiet girl, avoiding trouble when possible and working hard on the family craft, tailoring. Quiet people had a tendency to become bully bait. However potential bullies soon found that she was far from a coward, and was prone to biting. In this day and age medicine was much less easily obtained than in the past, so a bite was a very potential death sentence via infection on the simple basis that those who had medicine often hesitated to use it and frequently wound up kicking themselves for it later, as well as the bucket. When Hailey went to get her pokespirit Arcea initially wanted to go too, but hadn't because she had chores to do. However, after hearing of Hailey's attack on her own parents and subsequent fleeing she began to doubt the integrity of the whole operation. It simply hadn't sounded like the relatively sweet girl she had made friends with. Would she find a similar fate if she got her own? The idea scared her away from getting a pokespirit for years, until the age of 12 when she finally decided she wanted to find out what had caused Hailey to go berserk like she had. Thus, she traveled to Mt. Coronet and got her own pokespirit, subsequently heading off in search of her old friend, whom she soon found by sheer luck. Though, the Hailey she found constantly made her nervous. Rather than avoid this 'new' Hailey Arcea decided to stick around and try to understand, try to protect her friend. Thus, here she stands today.

Species: Eelektross

Nickname: Christine

Personality: To keep it simple, Christine has a utilitarian mindset and doesn't much care about what goes on beyond wishing the best for her host.

Moves: Dragon Claw, Wild Charge, Flamethrower, Coil, Double Team, Light Screen

Other: Arcea's mouth can function much like Eelektross'. She can literally "pull a Kirby". That is to say she can stretch her mouth in a cartoonish fashion, drawing air towards her with enough force to pull anything that isn't rooted to the ground along with it. (Cue dramatic flamethrower) Fittingly, her bite that most likely follows will paralyze anything that isn't immune to electric attacks.

Opening Post: Arcea floated along behind Hailey, keeping a very respectful distance, as she'd found that on some occasions Hailey could become quite physical during conversations, and didn't much like that. Floating? She'd been doing that as long as she'd had a pokespirit. It was one of the first things she learned to do. Hailey mentioned something about them eating and she perked up a bit. Eating was always nice. There were plenty of days they had to go without. She had to wonder how exactly Hailey could guarantee a thing like that, but it wasn't important. By now she had become comfortable with the fact that Hailey was generally a very calculating person who usually had a plan for whatever she did. Thus, she said nothing, choosing to believe Hailey's words until given a reason not to. Besides, she /wanted/ to believe them!~ Contuing to float along after the younger girl Arcea wondered what she had in mind. It was no doubt vegetarian, considering the only source of meat on the planet was off Hailey's menu. Arcea sometimes questioned this. If she hated humanity so much, why did it matter how she killed them? Thinking about this only reminded her that she questioned Hailey's mental health in general. By this point she couldn't really tell why. After all, she had a pokespirit and she wasn't like that.

Name: Lucy


Age: 13

Sex: Female

Lucy has the pseudo unique ability to walk amongst humans without them being able to visibly tell she has a pokespirit. Most of the powers she gains are non-visible unless in combat. The exception to this is that her stomach gains a very visible mouth, though this is normally hidden under her shirt. Appearance wise, it's hard to tell, though her stomach literally being able to talk can make keeping it a secret difficult at times.

Personality: Lucy's mindset could be described in one word: adaptable. She does what she needs to do to make sure she survives regardless of what exactly she's faced with; be it social situations, combat situations, and even moral dilemmas her first order of business is survival. With a pokespirit that allows her to digest anything from rocks to poison itself she lives up to her meta-reputation, even going so far as to prey on others in the right circumstances. Despite this killing is not preferred, as surviving to her means avoiding making enemies with the wrong people. She is also intimately aware of her mortality, and will generally avoid fights she cannot or doubts she can win at all costs. This being said, she /can/ he quite friendly and even trustable and loyal when friendship proves beneficial, which is not terribly difficult. However, she will not get along with those too like herself, as she is arguably only admirable for her survivability, which is generally of no benefit to anyone else. Of not however is that Lucy has a soft spot for familial bonds due to a subconscious desire to have a family of her own. Thus, she values said bonds highly.

History: Lucy was raised in Eterna City by her parents. Her father was a decent guy, considering the time period, and she was treated reasonably well... up until the point she started yearning for a pokespirit. Her father didn't much like the idea, and felt she was trying to rebel against him. Despite this he reluctantly allowed this, knowing that physically harming a child that didn't have a pokespirit was a crime punishable by death according to Arceus. Thus, Lucy traveled to Mt. Coronet and got her pokespirit. What nobody had expected was a gulpin spirit. Her father quickly started to realize that though she was significantly stronger all that had really changed was that she ate much more than she used to. Unable to properly provide for the two he became angrier as a person and started to lose patience with his daughter. Thus, he wound up attempting to sell Lucy's strength to slavery. This only lasted a short time however before Lucy began to catch on that she was much stronger than anyone else. So, one day she refused her father's demands. At this point her father was livid, and attempted to resort to actual physical punishment. However, he soon discovered that slapping his powerful always-hungry daughter was a terrible idea. Lucy devoured her own father, though she wound up spitting him up later relatively unharmed. Despite this she was then kicked out of her home and left the city that no longer trusted her.

Species: Gulpin

Nickname: Piggie, Pig, Piglet, Little Oinker, etcetera. (Real nickname is Sniffles)

Personality (Can be as short or long as you want): Sniffles has a one track mind. Food, and how she's going to get it. She isn't picky either. often being quite... vocal about her wants.

Moves:Ice Punch, Amnesia, Acid Armor, Dynamic Punch, Hidden Power [Ground]

Other: Lucy's body has inhuman elastic-like properties that allow her to stretch in impressive ways. After using acid armor this ability magnifies, allowing her to start pulling stunts reminiscent of Elastic Girl such as stretching her arm out to punch or grab something normally out of reach (Though even at max, her ability is nowhere near as flexible as Elastic Girl.)

In addition, much like Gulpin Lucy is capable of consuming things much, much bigger than a normal human could... /including other people/. The move Gastro Acid is instantly applied if this happens, and she gains access to the move Wring Out. Consequently, she can't attack the target with her normal moves without hitting herself. This is generally a death sentence unless one knows teleport or mercy is shown.

Opening Post: (I decided to skip this for the sake of moving on already.)
What is this crud?! Worst SUs ever! Go redo them /from scratch/. Am I right gaiz?

But yeah.You may notice they're all kinda antagonistic in their own way. That's because we live in a much better world. Both Lucy and Arcea are meant to be reasonable, relatively decent people considering what the people around them must be teaching them is okay to do to survive. A saint in this RP would just be hard to believe ^3^ Hailey is genuinely antagonistic though.
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