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So, my glorious tl;dr that was the original opening post is now gone. I'm too lazy to remember exactly what I posted, so now you're getting the short version.


1. Remove Postcount
I've decided that postcount is useless in OVP. It's all spam relies anyway. Members just go there for postcount++. I want it gone.

2. One Thread Per Day Limit
I am so sick and tired of the threadbombing people have been doing lately. It's getting ridiculous. I'm so tired of having to read all those new replies. In the past, we've put out the thread limits, and they worked great. So I want to implement it again.

3. No Replying
Post your post, and don't discuss anything. Ever. If you start discussing, then it might as well be an OC thread. So no quoting anyone ever. If they do, I'll delete and infract when necessary.

Thoughts, guys?
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