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Archie Stevens – Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

It had been over a week already since the Atlanteans had revealed themselves to the world. No that's wrong it had been over a week since Archie's people had revealed themselves to the world. In that short space of time the world had already began to change. The political fall out of an explosion in Berlin caused countries to enforce registration of all Atlanteans practically overnight. Registration was something that Archie had been putting off for a few days now, the way he saw it how dangerous was his power. He could cut through metal, so it was kind of handy if you didn't have a tin opener but there wasn't a lot it was practical for.

The last few nights Archie hadn't slept so well, worry had kept him awake until the early hours of the morning. Every time he closed his eyes to try to embrace the tranquillity of sleep his head would buzz with thoughts that kept him awake long into the night. His best nights sleep yet was after doing a gig at the students union, the turn out was quite good and by the time that his band had finished playing he was about ready to collapse. So naturally he had a couple of drinks and then got a bus back to his flat. There were no worries in his head as he drifted off to sleep that night.

In fact that he slept so well that when he awoke the next morning he felt thoroughly rested. Only it wasn't the morning it was gone midday.

S***!” Archie swore as he realized that he had not only overlaid but missed an entire mornings worth of lectures. He repeated the swear word several more times as he tried to clear his head enough to think, this wasn't the first time he had woken late and missed lectures but generally just waking up makes it hard to think. He composed a text message to a friend who shared lectures with him asking to copy his notes, before dashing into the shower. The warm water woke him allowing him to clear his mind a little. It was 12:27 now so if he hurried up he could be at his lecture at 1. Quickly he got dry and pulled on his clothes before leaving his small room and heading to go out the door. He got halfway to the end of the corridor that linked the rooms of his flat mates when some one called him.

Archie, I've got a letter here for you.” Jamie's voice called from the communal kitchen.

Not now I'm late as it is.” Archie called back.

That can wait, I think you'll want to take a look at this.” Archie stopped, it wasn't like Jamie to be as serious as he sounded now. He was a bit of a joker like Archie and the graveness of his voice was enough to make Archie forget about going to his lecture. He headed through to the kitchen.

This had better be good. Or I'm going to beat you to death with an ironing board.” Archie joked as he walked through into the kitchen, normally Jamie would have laughed but he stayed quite, that more than anything else scared Archie. Jamie was a slight bit shorter than Archie had blonde hair and wore a pair of thick framed glasses. He handed over the envelope in silence and Archie inspected it without cracking any more jokes. It bore the mark of the student finance company, the organization that dealt with student loans. Archie opened the envelope and took out the letter, reading it in his head. Skipping straight to the most important part the letter said that the student finance company had come to the decision that until further notice they were stopping support to all unregistered students of Atlantean decent. The letter continued to say that they were working on the issue and that it should be resolved soon providing that Atlantean students register at once.

Have you seen this!?” Archie asked Jamie not quite believing it himself.

I got the same letter. What on earth do you think they are doing?”Jamie was one of the few people that Archie had revealed his heritage to.

Don't have a clue, but it looks like I'm going to be spending the rest of the day queueing at some Atlantean centre.” Archie replied with a sight. It could be worse he would still have a loan for his course and could continue to study at least he wasn't being kicked out.

Good luck man.” Jamie said as Archie headed back out of the kitchen. On his way out Archie grabbed his guitar, at least he could play it if he got bored. He got a bus into town centre and got of near the city hall, he knew that the Atlantean centre in Sheffield was somewhere near here but he would need to ask for directions if he wanted to find out exactly where. Glancing round he tried to look for someone who wouldn't consider him a complete freak just for asking.

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