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Erika Onzanem - Washington D.C., Virginia

If only Adrian knew that men without shirts don't violate US public indecency laws. Erika stared at Adrian thoughtfully as he went on. He seemed pretty passionate about what he just said. She didn't exactly blame him. he answered her question regarding the organization and she honestly had to wonder whom named their organization 'The Syndicate'. There was a negative connotation to that word in that one was most likely to think of a crime syndicate as the prototype of a syndicate. Perhaps she was thinking too much into it though. It was after all just a word that didn't necessarily mean that. He made it sound like a job though... She'd always loved being a librarian, though it did seem perhaps a bit dull in comparison. Power. That honestly didn't tempt her a great deal. She supposed it was a good thing, but it honestly hadn't been what she had been expecting.

The male stretched out his hand to her and her gaze shifted to it thoughtfully. For a moment she hesitated. There were questions she wanted to ask, and quite frankly she needed a moment to figure out what he was doing. You never knew what a stranger might be reaching for... Upon determining that the unexpected hand gesture was not in fact aggressive she passed the thought from her mind and found that in hindsight she supposed the offer to get stronger was pretty nice. She reached out and lightly took Adrian's hand, her gaze shifting to his face as she did so.

"Well... I guess so. You make it sound like a pretty big deal though, like I should be concerned or something."

A mildly skeptical look graced her features. After all, he was only asking her to come with him, right? That wasn't... a leap of faith to her.
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