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I'm kinda doubtful it would happen, and rather indifferent to it either way... I felt that having Pokemon follow me in HG/SS added little or nothing to my gaming experience. Didn't take anything away from it, but for the most part I ignored the sprite that followed me. Or rode the Bike.

If anything, for me it's a sign of disobedience on the part of the Pokemon. "I ain't goin' in your little ball, fool! I'm gonna follow you around whether you want me to or not." That's the whole vibe I got from having Pokemon follow me around.

If it happens to be implemented in B2/W2, there's got to be a way you can select a Pokemon to follow you (regardless of position on your party list) instead of having it automatically be the first one on your roster. I know I change the order of my team so much that the Pokemon that followed me back in SS would change every five minutes or so.

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