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The Beta Place!

Welcome to the Beta Place, the 3rd version of the original thread! Here, one can apply to be a beta reader - someone who reads a story before it is submitted to the Internet - or apply to get a beta reader for their fic. This system will hopefully make things easier for people willing to help others with their fic, or people who want help with their fic - whether if it's for another set of eyes to proofread, or major improvements in their fic.

All previous Beta Readers will need to reapply, given nobody on it was active with beta reading. It is a relaunch after all! If you are willing to offer your services and have the time for it please apply.

RULES: beyond the standard forum-wide and FF&W rules:
  • All contact between beta readers and their 'clients' should be through PM and/or email, NOT in the thread. Yes, this goes for people asking someone to be their beta reader and vice versa. This is merely a place of reference, and for applying/submitting applications.
  • Emphasis on no spamming. This goes for 'thank you' posts - there's no need for them here.
  • Don’t apply unless you’re serious about the story or being a beta-reader. By ‘serious’ I mean you’ve thought about it, you know where it’s going and/or know you’re going to stick with it. Taking breaks from time to time is perfectly fine - but be sure to notify us about that to change your status if so.
  • Astinus and I have the right to refuse your submission to be a beta reader, if we think you may not be up to standard. We want people we are sure will help out others, not people who will do a limited job.
  • If you were waiting for a beta reader and got one, or you want to update your status, tell me and I'll update it here.
  • Beta readers have the right to refuse to beta a story if they have a reason for it. If said reason is they don't have time to take any more stories, they should however tell myself or Astinus via PM about it, so we can update your information here.
So, stick to those rules, people, or risk the wrath of those Sentret with flamethrowers by your window.

General advice as well:
  • This thread is about guidance, so if you disagree with your mentor you can bring it up with them. Just be polite about it; remember, they are just trying to help you.
  • It is advisable to read over your work BEFORE you hand it over to the beta reader. Beta readers aren't a spell and grammar check, but real people (gasp!), so keep that in mind. In other words - don't hand in something that hasn't been run through a proof-read by yourself and a simple spell check to pick up on the simple mistakes (after all, that's what a spell check is for anyway) - Beta Readers want to be able to read your work without going mad.
  • Be patient. Beta readers have to take the time to help, so don’t pester them about when they’ll be done with your chapter. That said, if it’s been two weeks or something and you haven’t heard a word, then feel free to give them a poke.
  • If you know that you'll be unable to get a beta back in the near future for whatever reason, let your client know!.
  • To be clear, you CAN be a beta reader and also apply for one with your story as well. We're not all perfect.
  • Non-Pokemon stories or even original writings are perfectly fine - just be sure to mention that in your submission, is all.
Now that's over with, here we go with the applications. First, to be a beta reader. These are both for people to see your style of beta reading and all that jazz, and Astinus and I to see if you are acceptable or not.


Preferred method of contact:
Examples of writing:
Examples of reviews/beta-reports:
Strengths/weaknesses (optional):

Now, for what each one means... PLEASE READ!

Category - what type of beta reader you are. Here are the list of what you can choose from:
  • Comprehensive - basically, everything and anything on fanfiction
  • Character
  • Plot
  • Language
  • Grammar
  • Proof-reading - just another set of eyes to look over the work.
You can have multiple types for category as well.

Genre - what genre or type of story are you best in? Tragedy? OT fics?

Preferred method of contact - PM or e-mail - if the latter, specify your e-mail too, for obvious reasons.

Examples of writing - here, insert links or quotes of your writing - AT LEAST TWO! You can have more as well. Also, a short paragraph or the such does not count as an example. Show us what you can do, and also the people wanting a beta reader as well. A scene will do, but don't hesitate in linking to an entire story if you choose to. If you haven't actually written anything - no problems there, just say so - we are more concerned over your ability with the next one...

Examples of reviews/beta-reports: - same as before, link (or spoiler-fy) preferable here - but this time AT THE VERY LEAST TWO examples of reviews or beta reports. Here, Astinus and I can see how well you can beta or, if you have no examples handy, review. This will also show those clients how well you can do your job as well. This is a necessary part of your application.

Strengths/weaknesses (optional): optional unlike the others, but here you can add in what your strengths and weaknesses are in writing and/or beta-reading. This is more beneficial for the clients who can see your strengths and weaknesses if they can't decide between two beta readers.

Ok, now, to be a client. If you look at the list and already know who you want, and you contact them outside this thread, no worries. However, if you are undecided or want people to know you need a beta reader, use this application which should give the necessary information a beta reader may be interested in.


Title of Story:
Plot summary:
Rating (PG, R, etc):
Type of mentor needed:
Writing sample of story:
Other: (such as, how long you've been writing for, what you think your strengths and weaknesses in writing are - optional)

Fandom refers to, for example, Pokemon, or others such as, say, Digimon.
Genre - type of story - horror, Original Trainer, etc.
Type of mentor needed - refers to the category section - do you want a Comprehensive beta reader, or a Proofreader, and so forth.
Writing sample - please include at least a few paragraphs of the story you want beta-reading.

So remember, post to apply to be a beta reader, or a client (unless you know who you want to contact here, of course). Communicate between yourselves then via PM or E-mail, and then notify me so I can update your status.



Comprehensive Beta Readers:
[Mentors who are pretty good at all aspects of fiction. Best for very new writers or anyone in need of general help.]

Preferred method of contact: PM
Read more here

psyanic - Also a Language Beta Reader/Proofreader
Preferred method of contact: PM/VM
Read more here

Character Beta Readers:

[Mentors skilled in character portrayal and development.]
Preferred method of contact: PM
Read more here

Plot Beta Readers:
[Mentors who can help with the development of plot twists, the story climax, and other problems with the storyline.]

Grammar Beta Readers:
[Mentors who can help with ironing out those pesky grammatical errors.]
Preferred method of contact: PM
Read more here

Language Beta Readers:
[Mentors who can help with the fine-tuning of language, including things such as description and dialogue.]
Preferred method of contact: PM
Read more here

psyanic - Also a Comprehensive Beta Reader/Proofreader
Preferred method of contact: PM/VM
Read more here

[For the more experienced writers who need a second set of eyes and to offer a second opinion - usually aim to give a general overview of a work, but may focus on aspects the author particularly wants an opinion on or which they specialise in.]

psyanic - Also a Comprehensive/Language Beta Reader
Preferred method of contact: PM/VM
Read more here