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Originally Posted by michaelthestrange View Post
Thanks, but I know that and I am sorry if my question was inarticulate. I already have this in my script - what I want to to is to edit the later part of the game where Birch would actually give you the national dex to make the story logical again. It might be purely aesthetical but the conversation would not make sense as you already have received the national dex at the beginning of the game, so I do not want Birch to give it to the player once again. The actual problem is that I cannot seem to find the mentioned script.
Well I cant help you then, as I hack FR and not Emerald you could just forget about the birch script entirely, and script in the birch meeting place from scratch in the place you want it to be. If you then come across the birch script while making the game you can then delete it from the game entirely.
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