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I have a few by the way don't ask about some mispelling of words in nicknames or the nicknames themselves I was like 6 when i played through some of these. A / after their nickname means i replaced them with the pokemon after the / .

Emerald 1
Sceptile (Mewtwo)
Mighteyena (Dog,Leeder)
Pelipper (Gull......)
Linoone (Mew)/ Shedinja (BrownNinja)
Dustox (Wurmp)/Mawhile (Cruncher)
Azumarill (Mars)

Emerald 2
Sceptile (Riptor)
Exploud (Leeds Fan)
Golem (Gems)
Electrode (The BombXD)
Heracross (Zante Claws)
Salamence (Rockin)

Blaziken (Seviper)
Shiftery (Tree Ninja)
Flygon (Bug Dragon)
Absol (DangerM8)
Swalot (Raremon)
Luvdisc (LoveDisk)

Swampert (Big Bertha)
Swellow (Crackers)
Minun (Fudge)
Camerupt (Mihirashi)
Medicham (Katrina)
Banette (Bakemon)

Leaf Green
Venesaur ( Sky Blues!)
Pidgeot (Glider)
Raichu (Sparkle)
Ninetails (Fire Fox)
Snorlax (Snorcon)
Starmie (Aquarious)

Fire Red
Charizard (Draco)
Dragonite (Theo)
Tentacruel (ABit2Cruel)
Magneton (Magnet x3)
Persian (Oscar)
Hitmonlee (Kickinbut?)
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