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That would be rather odd to say the least there regarding Cynthia and Cyrus keeping each other company lol, I'd imagine they would go their own separate ways there seeing how they were on opposing sides back when Team Galactic was running amuck lol. Maybe Cynthia was forced to stay in the Distortion World after Giratina was caught or something along those lines and you try to find a way to bring her back post-game. Just another brain fart though lol.

Regarding her team I think she should have had a Houndoom to replace that Roserade back in Platinum but besides from that and some improved movesets like Togekiss having Roost, Thunder Wave, Nasty Plot, and Air Slash to annoy the piss out of you I can't think of much to add when modifying her team seeing how she's already tougher than a rhino's ass lol.