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Well Guys here is Chapter 2 It was kinda rushed and I don't think it's all that great and it must not be with no replies XD
Beck's POV
What did I do wrong why did she just storm off like that was she mad or just in a hurry.My confusion was soon gone when I heard a voice in the distance I knew it was no one other the Jade she cam over and greeted me with a kiss. I knew it would make her mad but i had to ask her "Hey have you seen Tori around?" She then frowned at me and said "Why do you need her am I not good enough!" I sighed the got up to go look for Tori. She was no wheres to be found but there was one last place I had to check. The Janitors closest was the last place she could be I was approaching the door I wasn't sure if I should open it but i did anyways.Tori wasn't in there maybe she skipped school and went home. I faced the rest of the day and as soon as i got home I called her.There was no answer I waited another couple hours then called again. Still nothing did i really make her that mad that was when I decided to get in my car and drive over there.After about 10 minutes i arrived at the door. I wasn't if I should knock or not part of me said not to the other part said to let her because I'm with Jade.I heard my phone go off I quickly answered it only to find out it was Jade."Hey babe what are you doing" I didn't know what to say I couldn't tell her where I was. "I'm with my parents I have to go" I hung up before she could reply.I froze for a second i heard someone coming to the door it was to late to hide the door slowly opened.Tori's mom appeared in the door was shocked and wondering what I was doing there. "Hi is Tori home?" She gave me a look i had never seen before but she replied rather quick"Yeah come right in I'll go get her." I went in the door and stood next to the couch waiting for Tori.I heard footsteps coming down the stairs I could tell tha tit was Tori. "Beck what are you doing here!" She yelled teh seond she saw me. "Tori what is wrong why are you so upset." She glared at me then walked closer to me. "You should know what you did!" I frowned a little I have never seen Tori this upset and it was all my fault."But I Don't Know you stormed off today and I couldn't find you!" Tears started to form in her eyes I reached out my arms to hug her."I'm sorry Beck for everything you didn't need to come here." I smiled at her and said "But I wanted to come here I needed to know that you were okay." Her anger was now gone she walked over to sit on the couch then motioned for me.We spent the night watching movies and listening to music.I got up to leave but when I went to grab my car keys Tori woke up."Beck where are you going it's 1 in the morning?" I stopped and looked back at her. "I'm going home I don't think your mom would like it if i stayed." She frowned and said "She doesn't care she thought you were staying the night anyways."
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