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Jack Davis

Foxtrot looked at Jev, a little concerned at his attitude, "Well, don't worry about it Jev. I'm sure with Jack you will get a plethora of training. If one of them needs insults to come down then leave it to me."

Foxtrot pointed up at one of the dragon's, "Hey, dragons! It seems that your occipital lobe hasn't worked correctly in a long time considering the presence of a human has been within range of your 'supposed working' optic nerves and you have not even decided on a course of action to displace us from our current location! Or perhaps your parietal lobe has long since had any kind of communication with the rest of your underdeveloped learning center!" Foxtrot crossed his arms with a smug grin, waiting for a dragon to come down.

Echo meanwhile looked around shakily. She just listened to Shadoan talk and looked at his outstretched fist. She forced herself to smile and gave him a weak fist bump.
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