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Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
This is honestly my favourite hack ever. The ASM you've done is amazing, and I absolutely adore the graphics.
Hoping to see more soon, and can't wait for the beta to come out
Thanks man we are doing our best!:D

Quote originally posted by ΣŁ1ŦΣ CHΛRIΖΛЯĐ:
Like he's already said, your ASM work is amazing, same goes for your scripts,maps and tiles. too bad it's in Italian though, if i ever played this hack, i wanted to at least know what the text is saying xD.
Well in the firtst video are only some cartel, instead in the second there are the presentation of 3 pgs!

Quote originally posted by Jayster23:
This hack looks amazing. The first gym is really interesting.
Like said above, I want to play it but want to know what i'm doing xD
I hope we can release a beta soon!

Quote originally posted by qaz015393:
yep agreed. this is indeed a great hack. I may have to skip this thou bc its in Italian. Dont get me wrong, i might play this but I don't know bc I too like to play a game & at least know that the text says. Im going to watch the vids posted here thou. I may need a translation dictionary handy if i play this lol.

Great job on the thou. its great. Keep up the great work guys.
Don't worry the text will translate when we'll release a beta!
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