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*meanwhile, Overpowered Hypno comes across Lunick and Solana*

LUNICK: A Hypno...but it looks angry. CAPTURE ON--

SOLANA: Wait. What if this is a trainer's Pokemon? We can't just wave our stylers at any Pokemon all willy-nilly!

LUNICK: Riiiight...CAPTURE O--

OVERPOWERED HYPNO: The girl is right. Now...*sways his pendulum* ranger girl, you will attack the boy ranger. When I sway my pendulum again, you will hand over your styler then snap out of your trance.

SOLANA: Oh...kay...Plusle...use...Thunderbolt...on...Lunick...

PLUSLE: Plusss? *uses Thunderbolt*


STYLER: The styler has been destroyeeeeedd..d....ewddsfcd. *powers off*

OVERPOWERED HYPNO: *waves it again*

LUNICK: Snap out of it, Solana!

SOLANA: *hands over the Styler and then snaps out of the trance* Huh? ...oh no, Lunick! I think we've been duped!

LUNICK: You don't say...

OVERPOWERED HYPNO: Heh heh! *runs away to where Shaymin is resting* Capture on?

SHAYMIN: Miiin? ...minn...

OVERPOWERED HYPNO: *captures Shaymin* Now to break FD out...

*back at the cell*

OVERPOWERED HYPNO: *opens the cells*

FD + DPB: Thanks, Hypno!

OVERPOWERED HYPNO: You're welcome. For now though, FD, we're going on a cruise. Let's go. *teleports away with FD*
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