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My internet has been out for the past almost 2 weeks so no worries, this wasn't just me deciding the leave.

I dislike stock FR tiles. They just don't look as good as R/S tiles to me. I know that most people like FR over R tiles but still... They, to me, lack the eye appeal. FR is a remake of R/B/G so the somewhat simplistic tiles are perfect for it, just not tiles that I get overly excited about.

I'll add the eye candy to the map once you are finished modifying the tiles, decide to just use a tilebase, or go with the stock. I dislike the stock stuff, but I can still work with them.

Edit - Liking the extra space though. If you scripter is up to making the additional events (Basic talking events, a small shop) I could make it into a real town. I'm thinking additional houses, possiably a port, and a berry shop.
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