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Originally Posted by BZW Golem View Post
Name: BZW Golem
Cute Pokémon: Plusle and Minun :P
Why?: erm.. I just love cute pokes xD

And a pet.. hm..
this may be a bit strange but..
Payday spam anyone?
This is probably why Team Rocket kept so many of them XD
Meowth + Pay Day = You'd probably be richer by now. xD Meowth also makes an adorable kitten Pokemon, and as a pet.

Originally Posted by Zephele View Post
I've never had a spider as a pet, nor do I ever plan to have one, but I think Joltik is just too adorable to resist. I like the fact that it's so small and fluffy, and I think it'd be handy to have around to make webs and such to trap all the unwanted pests in the house (not that I have any at the moment, but still!).
I have a huge fear of spiders. But great choice on the Joltik, btw. Small spider, but absolutely adorable. :3 It can trap its enemies with its Thundershock. :) It's also small, so you might want to watch for it. xD
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