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-Username- Sector Revenge
-Reason to Join- Of course I love breeding my Pokemon from a baby and leveling it up to max 100. Makes you a prefect and loveable parent to the Pokemon :D
-Choose (1) Pokemon- Foxy the Vulpix

Which pokemon should have a baby pokemon that doesn't already have one?
Let's see here. We got Lapras, as big as s/he is, Lapras deserve a baby form. Then we've got Scyther, Pinsir, Heracross, who doesn't have baby forms either. Which in my greatest opinion, should. Druddigon also should deserve one. It just weird to not have a evolution for a Non-Legendary Dragon. We've also got Girafarig and Miltank. As a horse-like and a cow-like Pokemon, just like in real life, they should have their baby forms!