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Originally Posted by TTYO View Post
Sorry guys no matter what I do, I get the same error....
Hm, that's odd. I'll make a video of what I do to edit the Pokemon, I might have missed a step... I'll post here/edit this post in a few days with the video.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has ever done any research as to how editing a Pokemon's sprite position in battle would be possible. In DPP, it's quite easily achieved by editing the files called poke_yofs, poke_shadow, and poke_shadow_ofx (and others I may not be aware of). However, like many NARCs in HGSS's filesystem, when edited at 1/3/2, 1/3/5, and 1/3/7 respectively, they do nothing to change the actual game. In fact, I removed the files, and the game was still completely stable as far as I could tell. This tells me that the information originally in the previously mentioned NARCs is somewhere else; I assume it's probably encrypted in ARM9 somewhere (based on my past luck!) I searched the decompressed ARM9 (albeit quite noobishly, I don't quite know how to search with a Hex editor in an efficient manner, if one even exists), so, is there anything I can do to lead me in the right direction? Any ideas anybody? :o

Here's a video on changing the wild Pokemon:
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