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Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
I figured out how to edit the Hoenn Dex order in Ruby, without editing the National Dex. The offset is at 0x1FC84C. It does not list by Pokemon index number, it lists by dex entry index number. Treecko's index number is 277, but Treecko's dex entry number is 252. Which is why the byte at the offset I listed is FC. Changing the bytes here will change the Hoenn Dex while keeping the National Dex intact.

I suspect the same table exists in Emerald, and the bytes should be exactly the same.

EDIT: Hacked the Hoenn Dex to something similar (but not exactly the same) to a listing I'm planning on using in a future hack:
Yup, that table exists in Emerald, it's located at 0x31DFB8
For any ruby/firered to emerald equivalents, you can ask me, as i'm a emerald hacker.


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