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Quote originally posted by bewbs:
PokéCommunity Username: Bewbs
In-Game Username: Chlobo
Pokémon: Bellossom
League: Kanto/Johto
Game: SoulSilver
Level: 100
Items: Used. Bellossom held leftovers and I also used a lot of x battle items. Full restores and pp healers were also used.

Move set
~ Sunny Day
~ Solar Beam
~ Sleep Powder
~ Synthesis [egg move]

The hardest was Koga because of the type disadvantages. Will was probably the easiest and Bruno and Karen weren't too bad. I had lots of fun battling Lance. I loved doing this challenge, the highlight for me was when my Bellossom OHKO'd Lance's Garchomp. I might not have needed Sunny Day because I honestly used up all of my x battle items. Those x battle items made the difference between winning and losing. It was an act of impulse really.
Alright, your registered! Interesting story, I'm sure you needed those PP items lol.
But just to make sure, this IS the 2nd time, correct? After you've obtained all 16 badges. I assume so, seeing you have a level 100.

Quote originally posted by myrrhman:
So is this a community wide event type thing to try to beat all the leagues with all the Pokemon? If so then I'll do my part. Regardless, I have a video of my Snorlax solo, the part you're interested in is about 2:13 on.
I'm currently unable to visit youtube on this computer. So I can't update yours now (unless you enter the submit format), but I can later once I get to another computer. You aren't forgotten!