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Jimmy Vincent
Academy Grounds

Jimmy frowned again when his opponent's Charmeleon blew up Smokey's poisonous gas with Flamethrower in an attempt to send it away. But when he saw the Charmeleon in pain, he knew that this move was useless and that his foe was now poisoned. Then, as the rebellious-looking boy was about to announce his next move, his opponent told his Charmeleon to use Smokescreen and then "he knew what to do next". What? Was that some kind of secret strategy? What was this guy up to?

The smoke cleared and Charmeleon was gone. What? Where did it go? What would happen now? Instead of thinking what his foe would do next, Jimmy realised he had to think about what HE would do next. What his next move would be. He tried to remember if Smokey knew any defensive move, but he could recall none. The only move he thought would help him was the one he announced as he opened his mouth.

"Smokey, use Smog and cover the field!" he said.

Smokey happily obeyed and, with a defiant and vicious look on his face, briefly inflated before blowing a whole lot of dark smog in the air. Jimmy covered his nose with what was left of his white T-shirt, and the arena was covered in a dense fog that would hurt Charmeleon as soon as he came out of...wherever he was. Or at least Jimmy thought so.

Alice Crenshaw

Academy Cafeteria

It didn't take long for Alice to find her way back to the cafeteria. In a matter of minutes she was at the door, eager to get something to eat. Her stomach was growling louder with each step she took, indicating that it wanted food, and it wanted it at that precise moment. She walked up to the counter, let go of Jello, and ordered a huge sandwich. She got it quite quickly, and then went to find a table.

Once she found one, she proceeded to sit down and happily eat her sandwich. "Mmmmm! Yum!~" she said after taking a bite and swallowing, and offered some to Jello. However, the purple Solosis refused. When she offered some to Chuck, the Grimer refused as well, insisting, in Pokémon language which Alice failed to understand without Jello's help, that he was "full". Jello couldn't help but look at him with disgust.

"Ew." he said.

Chuck then found a soda can lying on the floor. It must have been the work of a careless student who didn't bother throwing it away with the rest of the trash. The Grimer didn't mind, however, and grabbed it. He examined it for a little while before he put it in its mouth and started chewing on it.

"Oh, come on!" Jello exclaimed.

"What?" Chuck replied, "It's dessert! And it's awesome!" After that, he swallowed the can, and let out a small burp. Alice didn't see him eat the can, her attention focused on her delicious sandwich. She was a bit startled by the burp, as she didn't see (or hear) it coming, but after realising it was Chuck she smiled and took another bite of her sandwich.
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