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Originally Posted by Mr.KoolAid View Post
I have a trainer battle script (my first working one). The trainer see's me, walks up to me, says his text, and we battle. After we finish he says nothing, and also says nothing when i "talk" to him after battle, but he does look in my direction.

Here is my script.

#org 0x2872F7
trainerbattle 0x0 0x24 0x0 0x828730E 0x828733C
msgbox 0x8287355 '"I'm going to take on \nthe champion..."

' Strings
#org 0x28730E
= I have the best Rattata\nin the whole world!

#org 0x28733C
= How did i loose to you?

#org 0x287355
= I'm going to take on \nthe champion one day.

Also, is it normal for my script to look like this after i compile/save it? Before i compiled it it looked different.
Don't worry, that's how XSE interprets your script after you compile. It's natural that it looks that way.

Also, for your problem, you've to set the message type in your 'msgbox' command (i.e. 0x6 ; 0x5 ...etc).
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