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Quote originally posted by cacturne4512:
What was the first instrument you started playing, how old were you, and how did you get interested in playing that instrument?
That would be the recorder because every 4th grader had to learn.
Haha, same here. Alllll had to learn the recorder. I think the coolest thing I managed to play on that was the harry potter theme song lol.

Quote originally posted by CarefulWetPaint:
I see you said the first instrument was piano but your only instrument played is guitar? Have you completely given up on the piano?
Pretty much yeah. I can still play it. But I barely remember any chords, and know no scales. So I don't consider myself a pianist. Two years ago my band had appointed me keyboardist for a short while and I hated it. I would play the most basic stuff >> Now I'm back on guitar. :D
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